The customer requested that the mid-cabin credenza be replaced by a three-place divan and divan end cabinet. This project also marked the first collaboration of this type between Singapore and its sister location in St. Louis, Missouri. Leveraging the cabinet manufacturing know-how, the St. Louis team was tasked with the end cabinet build, which was then shipped to Singapore for varnishing and final installation. Building the cabinet required weekly status reviews between the two teams to mitigate production roadblocks and ensure design/build conformity.

“This project is a substantial step forward for Singapore’s service capability. The combination of Bombardier engineering and FCC’s manufacturing expertise will now allow full cabin reconfigurations to be offered to their in-region customers,” says Flying Colours Corp. PTE Managing Director, Paul Dunford.

To prepare itself to offer these expanded services and in conjunction with the Bombardier facility expansion, Flying Colours Corp. is growing both its facility and its workforce to better support expected growth in demand for interior repairs, reconfigurations, and refurbishments. The company is revising the facility layout to enhance workflow and efficiently incorporate new high-tech equipment. Recruitment activity has also been doubling workforce numbers

The enhanced workshop and workforce ensure owners in the Asian region have local access to the latest woodwork finishing techniques required for the flagship Bombardier Global 7500, as well as full repairs for existing Bombardier aircraft. This complements the full scope of preliminary inspections, repair work, modifications, and refurbishments, and now cabin reconfigurations already offered to complement Bombardier’s comprehensive line and heavy maintenance services.

On completion the Gulfstream G650 fuselage boasted a sparkling pearl/mica Diamond Mine basecoat surface combined with an intricate design incorporating curving stripes and complicated swirling patterns.  The multi-faceted process required technical expertise and intense attention to detail to achieve a fuselage that will be noticed on any ramp.

To achieve the striking results a specialty basecoat-clearcoat polyurethane paint incorporating translucent pearl and mica granules that generate a crystal-sparkling effect was applied after the priming process. A metallic colour pallet featuring Concord Blue, Dusk Gray, and Medium Silver colours was subsequently used to complete the scheme. The need for mirror-images to appear on the right- and left-hand side of the aircraft, along with incredibly detailed specifications about distances between stripes, colours, and patterns added to the complexity. The design is so intricate that even when viewed from above, the pattern is incredibly precise.

“This really tested our team’s capabilities but they welcomed the challenge and the client is delighted with the result. The quality of the completed work demonstrates the incredible talent and expertise of our paint team and highlights that the investment we made into the state-of-the-art paint shop pays dividends in realizing our clients’ visions,” said Eric Gillespie, Executive VP, Flying Colours Corp. The customer has already confirmed that the aircraft will return to Peterborough for interior work this summer.

Flying Colours’ expert paint technicians execute a wide variety of paint techniques including electro-static and chromalusion applications at the advanced Peterborough facility.

The new paint shop was designed with functionality and sustainability in mind. Climate controlled, the pressurized cross-draft paint booth measures an impressive 138 ft wide and 158 ft deep with the tail height reaching 55 ft. The booth is equipped with 168 energy efficient lights that simulate natural day light to optimise paint colour matches and visibility for technicians. The sanding, paint, purge, and cure application sequence reduces environmental impact through intelligently designed air recirculation and exhaust systems which decrease the amount of heat needed to operate, while reducing the amount of paint emissions released into the air.

Photo Caption: Flying Colours Corp. performed a complete strip and intricate repaint of the G650.

High res available on request.

Flying Colours Corp., the international maintenance, repair, overhaul and completions company, has completed a 120-month heavy maintenance inspection for a Bombardier Global XRS aircraft. In addition to the airframe inspection and maintenance strip down, the aircraft underwent additional upgrades including the equipping of Ka-band connectivity and ADS-B Out installation. The Honeywell JetWave™ Ka-band system necessitated hardware installation of a tail-mounted antenna, cabin router, modem and associated wiring to support global high-speed connectivity. Full external paint work completed the aircraft enhancements before redelivery to the owner. A further three Bombardier Global aircraft are scheduled for ten-year heavy checks over the next six months at Flying Colours Corp.’ North America facilities.

A full pre-purchase inspection accompanied the maintenance work, which was conducted on behalf of a UK-based customer. The positioning into North America for the complex project highlights a growing trend Flying Colours Corp. is noticing as European owners and operators recognise the distinct benefits of having maintenance, interior, avionics, and paint work projects completed in parallel in-house at a single location at competitive rates.

“Our extensive experience, reputation for quality output and established high-tech facilities where we can complete all work under one roof makes our offering extremely attractive for those needing multifaceted work scopes fulfilled on time and within tight budgets. The larger the package the greater the justification for bringing aircraft to our North American facilities,” says Eric Gillespie, executive VP, Flying Colours Corp. The expert team’s ability to provide MRO support in conjunction with pre-purchase inspections, transaction and pre-registration administrative support ensures customers maximise budgets and minimise downtime.

Interest is coming from predominantly northern European-based operators. Confirmed European projects for the next quarter include a major 240-month maintenance inspection, cabin management system upgrade and full exterior paintwork for a Bombardier Global Express, as well as a 48-month inspection on a Challenger 605. “We’re gaining significant traction in Europe and we anticipate that as our profile continues to rise in the EMEA region and the pandemic recedes, we will support and satisfy the needs of an increasing range of owners,” adds Andrew Pearce, Flying Colours EMEA sales manager.

Photo Caption: European heavy maintenance business on the rise for Flying Colours Corp.

In addition to the technical inspection, the Flying Colours Corp. avionics team will equip the aircraft with the powerful Honeywell JetWave™ Ka-band high-speed satcom system. Installation of a tail-mounted antenna, internal wiring, and fitting of a Satcom Direct Router® (SDR) will optimise cabin connectivity and wi-fi access in-flight. Once activated passengers will benefit from reliable, rich broadband data transfer supporting web-browsing, email, voice and text applications, video conferencing, live TV, and video streaming across multiple digital devices.

The 96-month maintenance inspection is being conducted in tandem with a 192-month landing gear restoration, along with other maintenance tasks and required service bulletins. The privately owned aircraft is undergoing the work at the Flying Colours Corp. Peterborough facility in Ontario.

“The installation of Ka-band on larger jets is the norm, but this is the first Challenger 604 that we have upgraded to the high-speed offering. It highlights the growing importance of connectivity across the aviation spectrum,” says Executive VP, Flying Colours, Eric Gillespie. “Our customer recognised the many benefits of the higher frequency service and how it enhances the flight experience, especially on international flights. The upgrade was available through the Bombardier Service Bulletin and we’re excited to make the installation. Looking forward we anticipate we’ll be seeing more requests for faster connectivity solutions on a wider number of airframe sizes as connectivity becomes a lead priority for owners and operators.”

Providing Pro Line Fusion installations for 604 airframes.

As an authorized Collins Aerospace dealer Flying Colours Corp. is geared up to install the Pro Line Fusion avionics system in Bombardier Challenger 604 flight decks. The enhanced avionics system features 14.1-inch touchscreen navigation, ADS-B Out, FANS 1/A, synthetic vision, and graphical weather to support safer and more efficient flying. Equipping of the system will improve aircraft operations, augment the flight deck experience and deliver similar capabilities to those of the Challenger 605 and Challenger 650 flight deck.

“We are a Bombardier Authorized Service Facility, as well as a preferred completion center for the OEM so we have extensive experience with the Bombardier Challenger 604 model. With many of the type still in service this upgrade reduces obsolescence, supports asset value retention and delivers owners an aircraft compliant with existing and upcoming international mandates. Whether it’s a simple flight deck upgrade, or one facet of a wider MRO project, we are ready to support owners from around the world with this installation,” says Gillespie. Both the Flying Colours Corp. Peterborough, ON. and St Louis, MO. Flying Colours Corp. facilities offer the Pro Line Fusion installation capabilities for the 604.

Photo Caption: FCC installs its first Ka-band system on Bombardier Challenger 604.

Flying Colours Corp., the North American maintenance, repair, overhaul and completions company, has appointed Scott Meyer to the new role of Chief Operating Officer effective immediately. Meyer joined Flying Colours in December 2019 as Vice President and General Manager of the St. Louis, MO facility, following nearly 30 years of international aerospace and aviation management experience.

Since joining Flying Colours Corp. Meyer has made a strong impression by effectively rationalizing operations, creating new processes and improving productivity at the St. Louis facility. As COO Meyer is now responsible for the day-to-day operations at both the Peterborough, ON. and St. Louis, MO. facilities and creating a streamlined set of processes to further unify Flying Colours operations in North America. His appointment also further strengthens the senior management team by providing a single point of contact for all operational matters for internal and external stakeholders.

Meyer will report to President and CEO John Gillespie, who said: “Scott’s appointment reflects the importance we place on running an efficient business while in expansion mode. He brings a new dimension to the senior leadership team which will enable our executive leadership to focus on exploring new business opportunities and developing innovative strategies to ensure  continued sustainable success for the company. We are extremely pleased to welcome him to this new position.”

“The first nine months with Flying Colours have highlighted the wealth of opportunities for continued business growth,” said Meyer. “I will strive to meet the expectations of the senior leadership team, while fostering a positive working environment for all our team members at both sites. Delivering exceptional services to our customers that meet and exceed their expectations is essential in a competitive environment, and I’m looking forward to taking on the challenge. It’s an exciting time for Flying Colours and I’m pleased to be an integral part of its future.”

Photo Caption: Scott Meyer takes on new role as Chief Operating Officer for Flying Colours Corp.

High res available on request.

Flying Colours Corp., the North American MRO and completions business, has introduced a new digital training program to support the company’s continuous improvement policy. The in-house eLearning platform is designed to deliver a long-term solution for sharing knowledge and skills across the company as it follows its ambitious expansion plans.

Implemented pre-pandemic, the online training is already proving to be a valuable asset with more than 100 employees across the three Flying Colours locations in Canada, the USA and Singapore accessing courses. Flying Colours has appointed qualified AME technician and long-time Flying Colours Corp. employee Spencer Hoggarth to lead the program. With his professional experience, technical know-how and familiarity with Flying Colours Corp. business, Hoggarth is designing modules that best meet the varied needs of the company’s training requirements from upholstery and cabinetmaking through to maintenance, avionics and paint work.

Supporting Hoggarth, nominated Training Leads from each department guide course content providing relevant materials including document reviews, assessments, subject matter expert videos and necessary exams. An instant update feature details training needs for currency as well as each department’s status in terms of real-time development. Online learning is complemented by on-the-job training from qualified team members.

“In a dynamic industry, and with current travel and social distancing restrictions, it’s challenging to stay current with the latest techniques,” says Hoggarth. “Continual training is vital for the industry and for our workforce which is why we’re investing in the new tech. The customizable digital platform gives us the ability to create content relevant directly to Flying Colours Corp., the industry and our customers,” adds Hoggarth. “The training is already demonstrating benefits in terms of the skills development and professional improvement for the technicians. This is helping with company productivity, which enables us to keep meeting and exceeding our customer expectations.”

Photo Caption: Hoggarth is continually adding training modules to the online platform.

High res available on request.

Flying Colours Corp., the North America-headquartered refurbishment, completions and MRO specialist, has redelivered a third modified Bombardier Challenger 850 to an undisclosed Fortune 500 company. The aircraft was originally completed from green by Flying Colours in an executive VIP layout and returned to Flying Colours for reconfiguration as a 19-passenger corporate shuttle this spring.

The latest aircraft in the trio of corporate shuttles perfectly showcases the depth and breadth of Flying Colours Corp.’ spectrum of services. Sourcing of the aircraft originated at its Peterborough headquarters as three aircraft from around the globe were identified as potential candidates for the customer. Technicians were dispatched to evaluate the merits of each model, and on final selection Flying Colours worked as a liaison between the relevant parties, resulting in a successful pre-purchase inspection and sale.

The technical project including extensive maintenance work, avionics upgrades, and complete interior reconfiguration took place at Flying Colours’ St. Louis, MO. facility, while the external paint application was completed at the recently opened state-of-the-art paint shop in Peterborough, Canada. The seamless liaison between the two Flying Colours sites highlights the complementary natures of its North American facilities.

“Having completed the original green VIP completion back in 2011 it was interesting for our team to modify our own work to convert the aircraft into a hard-working corporate shuttle. The project provided a great showcase for our end-to-end service, there are not many organizations which can provide such an integrated offering,” said Sean Gillespie, Executive VP. “This is the third Challenger 850 conversion that we’ve made for this customer and it speaks volumes about our ability to innovate to meet the demanding expectations of our customers.”

The Flying Colours design team matched the cabin scheme to the client’s existing fleet to meet the requirements for a durable, functional yet comfortable interior. A new interior layout meant complete remodelling with a four place club format, with built-in side counter worktables at the front; a middle segment of three rows of two-plus-one; and an aft club conference group of four, with a half club arrangement opposite. A forward galley with ample storage space, and front and back lavatories fulfil the mandate of transforming the VIP executive jet to a corporate shuttle.

For passenger comfort the ALTO Cadence Switch System™ (CSS) provides a comprehensive cabin management system and the Collins Aerospace Airshow® 500 is displayed via monitors at the front and back of the aircraft. Changes from the previous two shuttles include larger, custom-made cabin window reveals giving a wider field of view, and new cabin surfaces creating an interior conducive for work and relaxation. A new “gaseous” passenger oxygen system was certified and installed to align with the equipment fitted in the fleet’s first two Challenger 850 conversions. To support productivity the Gogo Avance L5 system provides inflight connectivity and USB ports in each of the standard business class seats ensure digital devices remain permanently charged.

On the flight-deck numerous upgrades included installation of the Safe Flight International AutoPower® auto-throttle system, enhancements of the ProLine IV avionics suite, the equipping of ADS-B Out version 2 to meet 2020 requirements, and a TCAS upgrade to incorporate change 7.1. The aircraft was also equipped with a Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS) including smart takeoff and landing capabilities from Honeywell Aerospace. A multiple channel Iridium phone system supports FANS and ICARS capability.

In addition to the upgrade and modifications Flying Colours undertook a series of maintenance activities as 12/24/48/96-month airframe inspections and a 120-month landing-gear inspection, plus additional miscellaneous inspection tasks, were completed.

“This aircraft clearly demonstrates our comprehensive offering and the high levels of expertise we deliver under one roof. With a typical passenger load of 17 we had to create durability and comfort combined with resiliency and the latest safety features to support the five to six legs it is scheduled to fly on a typical day. We’re extremely proud to have been selected to complete the work and enjoyed the experience of converting the VIP aircraft we’d completed into a corporate shuttle. It clearly shows our flexibility and innovative heritage to be able to perform such diverse modifications on this our third aircraft in the fleet,” concluded Gillespie.

Flying Colours Corp. continues to satisfy market demand for 192-month inspections as heavy maintenance checks on a trio of Bombardier Challenger-family aircraft continue at its St. Louis, MO. facility. The work highlights the North American MRO’s expertise in supporting the ongoing maintenance requirements of the international Bombardier Challenger fleet.

The latest series of heavy inspections began in April when an early model Bombardier Challenger 300 began the full gamut of heavy maintenance inspections, service bulletins and full landing gear restoration. A second early production Bombardier Challenger 300 began its 192-maintenance check in May and will subsequently have an interior upgrade and new external paint work completed by Flying Colours, before being redelivered to the customer. Joining the archetypal Challenger 300s is a Bombardier Challenger 604, which checked into the St. Louis hangars in July, and is currently undergoing the rigorous maintenance review.

The Flying Colours Corp. maintenance team are no strangers to the intensity of these heavy inspections which require full exposure of the airframe to allow for a comprehensive structural review to assess for cracks, corrosion or other potential weaknesses. A number of the aircraft components including flaps, doors and windshields are also removed for close inspection and landing gear undergoes complete restoration. With more than 100 heavy maintenance inspections on Bombardier Challenger aircraft under its belt the Flying Colours Corp. maintenance team applies all its accumulated hours of knowledge and experience to complete these critical safety inspections on time and on budget.

“The Challenger models are exceptional aircraft with the Challenger 300 being the world’s most popular super mid-size model. With more than a thousand original Challengers still in operation we have the tried and tested capabilities to complete these intense checks as they become due. With our dedicated interiors facility, external paint shops and avionics expertise we can also support customers looking to upgrade or refurbish aircraft at the same time,” says Eric Gillespie, Executive VP of Flying Colours Corp.

Flying Colours is also busy with heavy checks on other aircraft types including Hawker Beechcraft, Falcon and Bombardier Global Express models at both its St. Louis and Peterborough facilities. “Each heavy check we learn something new and this has helped us develop essential skills. Our impressive maintenance team anticipates the expected and unexpected issues that occur with each check. That adds real value for our customers who know they can rely on our experience to complete thorough inspections. We’re anticipating many more passing through our hangars in the next year.”

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