Craftsmanship at its best.

Having completed hundreds of aircraft, Flying Colours Corp. understands the engineering, design and certification processes associated with building interiors that perfectly blend form with function.

We have a well establish reputation for our ability to accommodate special requests and deliver all aspects of a new completion in-house with our craftsman, designers, engineering team, installation technicians, working simultaneously together, overseen by a highly experienced program manager.

Our skilled upholsterers, cabinetry experts, refinishers, metal workers, structural technicians, electrical installers, avionics technicians, engineers, and paint specialists produce state of the art completions that exceed expectations. All of our work is quality assured and certified by expert teams ensuring your custom completion will meet the desired regulatory and production requirements.

Our skilled design team and advanced 3D software delivers state of the art structural and graphic renderings of aircraft interior components and exterior schematics, ensuring that the completed aircraft will exceed all expectations.

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