A combination of roles will be highlighted, with openings for cabinet makers, upholsterers, painters, and decorators showcasing alongside quality control and interior installation experts. The business aims to attract willing workers who are dedicated to their craft and want to demonstrate their skills in a thriving work environment. “We have a full order book and are looking to employ workers from all sectors. Many of the skills we seek are transferable from other industries, such as the automotive trade, interior decorating, boat fitting, woodworking, and construction fields. For some roles, we are not looking for experience, just willingness to join a great business headquartered in Peterborough for over forty years,” says Director of Human Resources Ian Ross.

The recruitment drive comes when many are looking for a new career or direction, and the family owners of Flying Colours are excited to add enthusiastic talent to its diverse workforce. Recent graduates, skilled craftspeople, or those willing to learn new skills in a highly buoyant sector that spans the globe will be interested in the event. “The work we do is incredibly diverse; no two days are the same.  Our team works on special mission projects creating aircraft that protect national borders, support aerial firefighting machines and medevac airframes. The aircraft we work on ensure captains of industry can keep their businesses moving forward and that sports teams and music groups fulfill their tour dates. Our work contributes to saving lives, driving the global economy, and keeping us entertained,” adds Ross. “Our team makes a difference to our world, which is why we value them so much.”

The event will be held Friday, 10 February and Saturday, 11 February, from 10 am to 4 pm at the Hampton Inn, 3900 Fisher Dr, Peterborough, ON K9J 6X6. Human resource and technical professionals will be on hand to meet prospects and discuss opportunities.

To pre-schedule a meeting, resumes can be sent in advance to HR@flyingcolourscorp.com with FCCN Careers in the subject line.