Flying Colours Corp. continues to satisfy market demand for 192-month inspections as heavy maintenance checks on a trio of Bombardier Challenger-family aircraft continue at its St. Louis, MO. facility. The work highlights the North American MRO’s expertise in supporting the ongoing maintenance requirements of the international Bombardier Challenger fleet.

The latest series of heavy inspections began in April when an early model Bombardier Challenger 300 began the full gamut of heavy maintenance inspections, service bulletins and full landing gear restoration. A second early production Bombardier Challenger 300 began its 192-maintenance check in May and will subsequently have an interior upgrade and new external paint work completed by Flying Colours, before being redelivered to the customer. Joining the archetypal Challenger 300s is a Bombardier Challenger 604, which checked into the St. Louis hangars in July, and is currently undergoing the rigorous maintenance review.

The Flying Colours Corp. maintenance team are no strangers to the intensity of these heavy inspections which require full exposure of the airframe to allow for a comprehensive structural review to assess for cracks, corrosion or other potential weaknesses. A number of the aircraft components including flaps, doors and windshields are also removed for close inspection and landing gear undergoes complete restoration. With more than 100 heavy maintenance inspections on Bombardier Challenger aircraft under its belt the Flying Colours Corp. maintenance team applies all its accumulated hours of knowledge and experience to complete these critical safety inspections on time and on budget.

“The Challenger models are exceptional aircraft with the Challenger 300 being the world’s most popular super mid-size model. With more than a thousand original Challengers still in operation we have the tried and tested capabilities to complete these intense checks as they become due. With our dedicated interiors facility, external paint shops and avionics expertise we can also support customers looking to upgrade or refurbish aircraft at the same time,” says Eric Gillespie, Executive VP of Flying Colours Corp.

Flying Colours is also busy with heavy checks on other aircraft types including Hawker Beechcraft, Falcon and Bombardier Global Express models at both its St. Louis and Peterborough facilities. “Each heavy check we learn something new and this has helped us develop essential skills. Our impressive maintenance team anticipates the expected and unexpected issues that occur with each check. That adds real value for our customers who know they can rely on our experience to complete thorough inspections. We’re anticipating many more passing through our hangars in the next year.”

Flying Colours Corp. has signed a distributor agreement with Savannah, Georgia-based Aviation Clean Air (ACA), to act as an installation facility for ACA Needle Point Bi-Polar Ionization (NPBI™) Components within the North American region. Flying Colours Corp. will be installing the systems on in-service aircraft at its Canadian and USA locations. Installation discussions with several Bombardier Learjet and Challenger aircraft operators are already in advanced stages with other requests anticipated over the coming months for other business aircraft models.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many owners and operators think about air quality in the aircraft as the need to minimise the spread of the novel coronavirus, and enhance well-being in the air, is now imperative. We have teamed with ACA in response to customer demand for the installation of air systems that will keep them safe and improve air quality. We anticipate the ACA units are going to be extremely popular in refurbishments and completions going forward,” said Eric Gillespie, Executive VP, Flying Colours Corp.

The ACA purification components optimize a proactive ionization purification system to kill pathogens, including the novel coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, in the air and on surfaces throughout the aircraft. The ACA component also eliminates odours and allergens to enhance the overall air quality and make air travel safer. Integrating with the existing environment control system the natural purification process works without producing harmful ozone or chemicals to circulate clean air throughout the aircraft. The components are easy to install and have minimal maintenance requirements making it popular for aircraft of all sizes.

“We are very pleased to add Flying Colours Corp. to our distributor portfolio. They have a great reputation and are known for anticipating, and responding to, their client needs. As more and more aircraft owners want to have purer, cleaner cabin air, we are signing agreements with companies we know will work hard on our behalf and support customers in their quest for clean air. Its great to have Flying Colours on board with us,” added Howard Hackney, ACA Managing Member.

Photo Caption: The ACA components powered by a proprietary ionization system

About Aviation Clean Air
Aviation Clean Air, LLC (ACA) offers the only proactive system that immediately improves interior air quality and kills pathogens where they live throughout the aircraft. ACA’s airborne Ionization System is installed on a variety of aircraft models. Aviation Clean Air’s facility is located adjacent to the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport in Savannah, Georgia.

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