Special mission

Special mission

Intelligence, imagination and ingenuity

Flying Colours Corp. is renowned for its innovative approach to bespoke special mission projects. Our special mission team supports aircraft owners in leveraging the aircraft to perform above and beyond the original specifications. The platform will be altered and adapted for its one-of-a-kind role.

Our design engineers will research, develop, and design modifications that will combine the existing characteristics of the aircraft with adaptations relating to space, range, onboard equipment, payload, reliability, and robustness resulting in a highly specified aircraft perfectly designed to fulfill its special mission.

The Flying Colours Corp. special mission installation team of experts is highly experienced in outfitting special equipment and executing the modifications to ensure the aircraft meets the customers’ distinct requirements. We use an intelligent approach, ingenuity and imagination to fulfill complex projects that require diligent attention to detail.

Special mission capabilities include

  • Multi-mission installation
  • Cargo kit modifications
  • Medevac installations
  • Aerial firefighting
  • Airframe and system modifications
  • Mission suite integration
  • Marine Patrol
  • Surveillance and security monitoring
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